Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Communication and Marketing Emails: By applying for the CodeClause Internship, participants agree to receive communication and marketing emails related to the internship program and other relevant updates.
  • 2. Acceptance of Internship Offer: The issuance of an internship offer letter from CodeClause is considered an acceptance of the internship terms. The recipient is assumed to have agreed to participate in the program upon receipt of this offer.
  • 3. WhatsApp Group Conduct: Interns joining the CodeClause WhatsApp group are expected to adhere to professional conduct. Personal messaging of other interns without consent is strictly prohibited. Violations may result in legal action and dismissal from the internship program.
  • 4. Certificate and Letter of Recommendation (LOR): Certificates and LORs are issued only upon successful completion of the internship. Information regarding the intern will be updated once, and no subsequent changes will be entertained.
  • 5. Swags Eligibility and Criteria: To be eligible for swags, interns must create 'golden projects' that are dynamic, original, and not plagiarized. Use of collaboration files, Jupyter files, or similar is not permitted, and the project must feature a proper user interface. Eligibility for swags is contingent on these criteria.
  • 6. Swags Claim Process: Eligible interns must fill out the swag claim form within the specified timeline. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of swag eligibility. Incorrect information on the form will also lead to ineligibility. Swags will be dispatched only once, and home delivery is not guaranteed.
  • 7. Conduct Regarding Non-Receipt of Swags: Any intern threatening to spread negative messages about CodeClause Internship due to non-receipt of swags will face legal action and immediate termination from the program.
  • 8. Post-Swag Delivery Support: Upon receipt of swags, interns are expected to provide feedback and support to the CodeClause Internship program as part of their ongoing commitment.